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Vastu Shastra for South Facing House/Home


The negative concerns associated with south facing houses are due to an oft-repeated myth

South facing properties are available at affordable prices –why?  Because very few people prefer renting or buying a south facing  home or offices. This trend is just a myth and there is no truth. In fact, south facing property can bring a huge amount of success if certainvastu shastra rules are followed very carefully.

A true vastu analysis involves understanding the  location of the main door, as all directions i.e. north, south, east  and west are equally  auspicious.  We have seen not a few, but large number of homes having south door were fortunate in creating prosperous and peaceful life. Hence locating a door at auspicious block of south zone can be instrumental to claim as a successful house.

Some of the points below are the specific vastu rules to be followed in south facing premises:-

  1.   Success of any south property depends on where the main door is located.  Even door at north, east or west can be negative, if located at inauspicious block of vastu grid. A good location of main door nourishes the house.  Divide south zone  in the nine equal parts. Fourth block from the east is a most auspicious zone  for the main door.
  2. Provide true location for a kitchen in the house i..e south –east corner, a fire zone.  A warm agneya corner is a sign of the financial success.
  3. Water bodies (underground tank, fish tank, water bowl ), prayer zone, study and library,  more windows and open space in the north-east zone assures peaceful and healthy environment inside the house.
  4. Bed rooms for kids, toilet and bath in the north-west should ideally placed in the north-west zone for a harmony in the house
  5. South-west  zone is a  strong location for  the owner of  house. Master bed room in this direction gives him more strength and  command over the family as well as in the business decisions.

Precautions for south facing properties :-

  1. Toilet in the north-east or south west zone is a serious vastu defect affecting health and  peace in the family.
  2. Kitchen in the south-west could impact on female health badly
  3. Master bed room at north-east could bring more struggle for owner of the house
  4. A toilet, kitchen or pillar in the centre of the house should be avoided at any cost.
  5. Missing windows at north & east could reduce the vastu strength of such premises
  6. Under ground water tank at south east or south west could prove harmful for the entire family

Aligning  a south facing house internally with vastu element & it  could prove equally good  like those properties facing  other three directions.

Above article was publised in DNA news paper written by Nitien



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