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Vastu Shastra Evaluation – Facing Financial Problems


 After shifting to a new house, I am facing lots of financial crunch with no saving since last two years. I am sending a layout for your guidance.- A. Girkar, Mumbai


Vastuplus Team Analysis
Door falling in north zone at 350 degree is positive and auspicious
Vastu  Grid showing vastu defects in different zones
Vastu Evaluation:-
1. Zone- North, North-East- Cut and a stove in kitchen
Effects:- Connectivity with outisde world missing
2. Zone:- South west of South- Bed Location
Effects:- More expenditure
3. South west of West-Toilets
Effects:- saving affected
4. West- Duct -missing zone
Effects:- No business gains

Vastu Corrections:-
1. Zone- North, North-East-
-Keep sun made from Copper with Surya Yantra on the wall at eastern zone
2. Zone:- South west of South
-Keep a yellow money pot filled with coins, money ingot and a citrine stone
3. South west of West
-Fic 3 vastu pyramid partitions on the door frame of the toilets
4. West- Duct
-Keep image of camel ( animal of west) on the passage wall at west


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